Chemotherapy drip illuminated by television screen as my daughter sleeps. May 2011

Circumstances have led me to use mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad more and more for shooting and processing my photography. Always having my phone in my pocket whilst living in Central London caring for my daughter during her extensive treatment in 2011 and early 2012 has led me in new directions.

‘I Dream of Wires’, documents the nomadic existence of a parent supporting their child through the physically and emotionally gruelling trial of cancer treatment. Using high contrast and deep blacks, the photographs nevertheless try to find some beauty from the irony of finding oneself with so much time on ones hands in one of the world’s most incredible cities under such desperate circumstances.

Since this post was created, tragically, we have lost our very precious Poppy. Please visit WeLovePoppy for more on her beautiful life and details of how you can help us confront cancer.